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The Weeping Radish Brewery


An integrated approach to a complex issue:
Craft Brewing, Sustainable Agriculture and the survival of Crafts.  Come visit our Brewery located on 24 acres in Grandy, NC on Highway 168/158 between Norfolk, Virginia & the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


Reinheitsgebot Beer and Chemical Free Food
A Celebration of the local Food Chain Agriculture has lost its image as the wholesome provider of food and the base of human civilization. Large farms are now viewed as a major source of environmental pollution and processed food is associated more and more with the health crisis in this country.




The Weeping Radish has worked for over seven years to build a farm-brewery-butchery complex in Grandy, North Carolina, with the following goals:

  • The Craft Brewer creates natural unfiltered beer draft and in refillable bottles.
  • The Master Butcher buys animals from local farms and creates a variety of fresh and smoked meat products, all labeled by Farm of Origin.
  • The 14 acre farm produces vegetables, eggs and herbs for retail and for the Chef.
  • The Chef creates meals for the onsite restaurant based on availability of fresh meats and vegetables, not based on a pre-set menu.
  • The Farm Retail Barn features a “Goodness grows in North Carolina” section and promotes educational tours.
  • Festivals and Events throughout the year promote a sense of community and provides charities with fund raising facilities.
  • This is the ultimate project featuring all the elements of sustainable farming, educating the urban population and integrating it with the now famous Terra Madre concept.

Uli came to America to run large agri-farm systems and got suckered into opening a craft brewery by his brother in the mid 1980’s who told him a brewery is a marvelous machine that you put water in one end and it spits out money at the other. Rumor has it they did remain on speaking terms. Uli now combines his considerable talents not only brewing his wonderful and 100% natural German style beers, but also offering a wide range of hormone and antibiotic free meats and brats from his butchery as well as fresh produce from his farm! We are truly very excited to have this spellbinding storyteller back on our stage and being given the chance to introduce this pioneering legend to those who have not yet had the pleasure of sampling his products and hearing him speak.

As if his portfolio of beers and a wonderful selection of his fresh meats isn’t enough we will serve all our guests a shaker glass of a true Munich Oktoberfest bier (and one of the very first seasonal beers ever available in the United States) Spaten Oktoberfest at programs conclusion. Those unable to stop themselves from doing the chicken dance will be treated accordingly. The Weeping Radish Eco Farm and Brewery, originally located in the dry town of Manteo NC, is now situated on 24 acres in Jarvisburg, NC on Highway 168/158, just a few miles from the entrance to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The address is - 6810 Carotoke Hwy Jarvisburg, NC 27947 (252) 491-5205 We cannot strongly enough suggest stopping by his beautiful farm brewery on your way to and from the OBX on your next visit.